ROBIN HOOD taxes – Can similar taxes be levied on crypto based trading?

What are Robin Hood taxes: These are small taxes (financial transaction taxation) levied on financial transactions carried out through the stock market.


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Many countries already have some or the other form of Financial transaction tax. Some levies it in of Financial transaction tax, some with other names. For example, India levies Securities transactions tax on certain securities traded through stock exchanges. The modalities of levy, coverage of these taxes could vary from country to country.

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Can similar kind of taxes be levied on trading in crypto?

If yes, these taxes can be collected either by seller and buyer by the current crypto exchanges (till the time there will be so-called crypto stock exchange) and the exchanges would be liable to pay the taxes to the Government. There could be several modalities/ mechanics for drafting the laws for these taxes.

Since, crypto-market is a segment that consumes much energy and Carbon taxes (where levied) would not be sufficient to compensate for the impact of the crypto-market on the environment, a larger portion of these taxes could be used by the Government for environmental initiatives!


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