Upcoming events

  • Taxation of Virtual Digital Assets, TheNTWKAcademy (Speaker) (4th October, 2022)

Past events

  • Metaverse fashion fest – Topic: Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Metaverse – Some tax and legal considerations (Speaker) (29th September 2022)
  • GTC Conference 2022, Amsterdam – Sessions: Code of conduct principles for tax authorities, Anti-abuse clauses – Interpretation under treaties (Panelist) (27th September 2022)
  • International Tax Congress (Informa) – Sessions – Employment tax and Global mobility/ Automation of tax processes for SMEs & MNEs & How the industry is managing the change (Panelist) (20th September 2022)
  • Regens Unite Berlin – Workshop: Decentralized Autonomous Organisation – Entity structure and legal/tax implications (co-facilitator) (17th September 2022)
  • IFA Berlin – YIN session on Tax treatment of crypto assets (Keynote speaker) (7th September 2022) Click here for slides
  • NFTs – Intellectual Property and tax considerations TheNTWKAcademy – (20th July, 2022) Click here for slides
  • Brazilian Congress on International Tax Law (IBDT) – Most Favored Nation Clauses in tax treaties: recent developments and trends (Speaker) (28th April, 2022) Click here to view slides
  • VAT management summit (Uniglobal) (28th April & 29th April, 2022) (Panelist)
  • GCC FinTax – BEPS risk assessment by applying data analytics tool on CbCR data (12th April, 2022) (Speaker) Click here to view slides
  • University of Luxembourg (co-organised by WU, ATOZ Foundation, CFE tax advisors Europe): The Global Minimum Tax event, Computation of GLoBE Income or Loss (Speaker) (25th March, 2022) Click here to view slides
  • Valuation of digital businesses – Key considerations (10th March, 2022), TheNTWKTalks
  • Women’s role in the digital world – TheNTWKInteract (8th March, 2022)
  • The Lisbon International & European Tax Law Series, Paper: Substantive Scope or Income Taxes covered by tax treaties  (Discussant) (7th October, 2021)
  • WU Symposium: Tax Law and Digitalization: How to combine legal tech and tax tech? (Panelist) (13th September, 2021)
  • Revista Jurídica de Derecho Tributario webinar on Pillar 2 (Speaker) (17th February, 2021)
  • GCC FinTax Webinar – Evolving landscape in International Taxation (Speaker) (14th January, 2021)
  • GTC Virtual Conference 2021 (Session: The full story of Vodafone and Cairn arbitral award (Panelist)) (2nd June, 2021)
  • GTC Virtual Conference 2020 (Session: How Tax Authorities Use Data – The Digital Controversy War on Tax (Speaker) Click here to view slides, Session: Vodafone case in India (Panelist)) (17th November, 2021)
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