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India – Taxation of Virtual Digital Assets

International Tax

India – Taxation of Virtual Digital Assets
Pillar 2- Computation of GloBE Income or Loss
Digital tax landscape in Latin American countries
Recent Developments on the Application of the Most Favoured Nation Clauses in Tax Treaties – The Indian Case Study
Legal Status of the OECD Commentary: Comparative Analysis on Status Quo and Future Considerations Through MLI and OECD’s Two-Pillars Solution
Most Favoured Nation clauses in tax treaties: comparative analysis and main issues
Treating Tax Relevant Data as a Strategic Asset by the in-house tax department
Dichotomy on the Applicability of Article 9(1) and Article 24(4) of the Model Convention to the Thin Capitalization Rules
What is the road ahead for unilateral digital tax measures
An analysis of diverse unilateral digital tax measures in Asian countries
The Impact of Unilateral Digital Taxes in Africa
The Cairn Arbitration Award: Retrospective Taxation of Indirect Share Transfers in India Breaches Bilateral Investment Treaty

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