Harberger taxes – Does it have future?

Author’s own diagram

Various permutations/ combinations of these taxes are already in discussion; some of which are already being used in Virtual land. I found some discussion around it in GitHub for use in DApps/ NFTs: https://github.com/rugpullindex/libharberger

Smart contract code for implementing Harberger taxes in Solidity has been discussed in this article: https://yos.io/2018/11/18/harberger-taxes/

There can be multiple criticism about its effectiveness. I will be covering different variants and criticism around these in the future blogs.

Additional sources:

https://medium.com/@simondlr/what-is-harberger-tax-where-does-the-blockchain-fit-in-1329046922c6; https://medium.com/wemeta/securing-equitable-access-to-virtual-real-estate-part-4-5-b0d0afa8cd6a


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