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18th October, 2022
Tax Transformation Summit 2022 (informaconnect)

Benefits of Automation in Filing, Reporting and Transparency (Panellist)

4th October, 2022

Taxation of Virtual Digital Assets(Speaker)

29th September 2022
Metaverse fashion fest

Topic: Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Metaverse – Some tax and legal considerations (Speaker)

27th September 2022
GTC Conference 2022, Amsterdam

Sessions: Code of conduct principles for tax authorities, Anti-abuse clauses – Interpretation under treaties (Panellist)

20th September 2022
International Tax Congress (Informa)

Employment tax and Global mobility/ Automation of tax processes for SMEs & MNEs & How the industry is managing the change (Panellist)

17th September 2022
Regens Unite Berlin

Workshop: Decentralized Autonomous Organisation – Entity structure and legal/tax implications (co-facilitator)

7th September 2022
IFA Berlin

YIN session on Tax treatment of crypto assets (Keynote speaker)

20th July, 2022

NFTs – Intellectual Property, accounting and tax considerations

28th April, 2022
Brazilian Congress on International Tax Law (IBDT)

Most Favored Nation Clauses in tax treaties: recent developments and trends (Speaker)

28th April & 29th April, 2022
VAT management summit (Uniglobal)

The future of VAT, real-time reporting, e-invoicing and digital tax administration/ Transforming VAT function through technology (Panellist)

12th April, 2022
GCC FinTax

BEPS risk assessment by applying data analytics tool on CbCR data(Speaker)

25th March, 2022
University of Luxembourg (co-organised by WU, ATOZ Foundation, CFE tax advisors Europe)

The Global Minimum Tax event, Computation of GLoBE Income or Loss (Speaker)

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