Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – By Simon Sinek

Key takeaways

The book’s primary focus is to reflect on the need to start with ‘WHY’ in all endeavours of life. Numerous examples (from the business world) have been presented to show how people and organization which starts with ‘WHY’ achieve more success or become more innovative/ influential.

Thus, the main theme is that Successful businesses know ‘WHY’ they are doing and what they are doing, and they use this as a guiding principle in running the organization.

The author also mentions that for being a great leader, one should find ways to inspire people. He states that ‘Energy may motivate people, but Charisma inspires’. In his words, leaders inspire people to make his/her dream theirs and direct them towards steps/ ways to realise those dreams.

Further, to be successful, companies should not deviate from their ‘WHY’. Successful companies affirm users to their beliefs/ customs.

Though it takes time to align all deeds with the bigger ‘WHY’, an organization or, for that matter, even when we are able to do so, we would be able to move towards long-term success. Thus, the book very clearly states:



The views in all sections are personal views of the author.